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    If you’re looking to make improvements to your home, whether to add value or simply make it a better place for you and your family to live, one of the areas that many people fail to consider is the humble garage. Designed to be a place to park your car safely and securely, for many people they are now just a storage facility, filled with items from your house that you simply don’t have room for.

    Do you not think that is a waste though? Using all that space to store your car or goods may be all well and good, but have you thought about what else you could use your garage for? Take a look at some of the ideas below and you might just be inspired to revolutionise your garage space and give your home a whole new extra and exciting dimension.

    Home gym
    We all want to be as fit and healthy as we can, but with work, social and family commitments, it can be tough to find the time to get to the gym regularly. There is of course home exercise equipment, but even if you do have some room for an exercise bike or stepper, how many of these are now nothing more than glorified clothes hangers? Imagine converting your garage into a gym, how good would that be? With all that dedicated space you could have a range of equipment and you’ll also save a lot of money on your monthly gym membership.

    With more and more businesses realising the benefits of offering their staff flexible working, working from home is becoming more and more common, whether it is a permanent arrangement or just something you do occasionally. Not many people though have the room for a dedicated office, which means that you may not be able to take advantage of home working and seeing more of your family. Converting your garage to a home office is a great idea, and gives you the best of both worlds, a quiet and dedicated working space yet the delights of being close to home and best of all, no commute!

    Sick of paying expensive pub prices every time you want to go out and socialise? More and more people are converting their garages into their own little pub for the use of their friends and family. Complete with bar, seating, pool table and dart board, your home can be a real social hub!

    If you have children, you’ll know just how messy they can be. As well as keeping lots of toys in their bedrooms, you’ll know that if you are not careful, their toys can easily take over your living space as well. Decluttering is always a good idea, so why not think about converting the garage to a playroom? Your children will love having a dedicated play area and you’ll have a much tidier house. Moving some of their toys from their bedroom will also help them keep their room tidier and provide less distractions when going to bed.

    Man Cave
    What man wouldn’t want a man cave? Perhaps the most simplest of conversions, all the man cave needs is a large TV, some comfortable armchairs, a good stereo, a couple of consoles and a fridge for storing beer. If you’re a man and want to be the envy of all your friends, then get yourself a man cave. You’ll be a real hero!

    Whether you want your garage as a traditional place to store your car or you’re looking at converting it for another purpose we can help supply and fit the perfect garage door for your needs. Take a look at our full range of garage doors then give us a call on 0191 501 6318 or email and start making the most of your garage today!

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