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    Our home is our sanctuary where we feel safe. It is the place where memories are created and sentimental possessions are stored. When home security is compromised it feels incredibly unnerving and personal. In which ways can homes be made more secure?

    Keep the lights on even when the house is unoccupied
    It may seem like a waste of electricity to keep a light on in one’s absence, however this is a proven deterrent for burglars. A lit-up house automatically suggests that people are home and it not worth the potential risk a burglar would incur if they were to investigate otherwise. A house with lights on is even more vital in a location where there are not any neighbours close by to deter the burglar. If you are absent for an extended period, you may want to consider an automatic timer that turns lights on and off at certain intervals. To further increase your security in a crime-renowned location, you could leave a TV or radio on to provide the illusion that there are voices coming from your house. However, be careful that these appliances do not pose a fire hazard.

    Install a reliable alarm system
    An alarm system is a traditional method of preventing burglary. Some people may think that alarm systems are redundant because they are often triggered for no reason and therefore people can ignore them. However, they are still identified as an effective method of home security according to the Metropolitan Police Service. To safeguard your home further, it is important to ensure that any outside wiring is not exposed and an easy target for criminals. It have been known that burglars cut these wires before forcing entry to houses. This stops the alarm system from being alerted and prevents unwanted attention in the process.

    Place an infra-red detector at the entrance of your home
    This is a surprisingly successful crime deterrent. An infra-red detector provides more effective security than a static light because of the sudden emergence of light which attracts attention. This is because the sudden light is unexpected and immediately alerts the home owner and other occupants that there is someone approaching the house.

    Ensure that all windows are securely locked
    Double glazing is a strong deterrent because it is harder to break. However it can also be costly and is not always a viable option. Whether you have double or single glazed windows, it is important that they have an effective locking system to prevent easy entry. Never leave downstairs windows unlocked when you leave a room unless they are secured on a latch. This is because burglars have been known to make a swift entry even when the house is occupied. They may also reach inside the window to grab a valuable item. To prevent attracting unwanted attention, blinds are an effective option because they obscure the view of any valuables that are on show. They also make breaking and entering more of a challenge and are likely to deter burglars further. If you live in a crime-prone area, several smaller panes of glass or wrought iron railings encasing the windows may need to be considered.

    Change the locks to your new house
    No matter how trusting you are, you can never be too sure if you have received all the keys to your new house from the previous owner. One suggested way to protect your home is to change the locks. This may seem unnecessary but it will provide you with complete knowledge of who can access your home. Changing the locks of your new house is recommended to heighten security and provide peace of mind.

    Make sure your house has interior door hinges
    Interior door hinges safeguard your house from unauthorised entry. They prevent easy removal of the hinge pin which can provide easy access for burglars. If you do have exterior door hinges, they can be rectified by removing the door and resetting the hinges so that they are concealed inside the house.

    Robust garage doors aid home security
    Garage doors are often overlooked as an effective burglary deterrent. A durable and hard-wearing garage door that is well-fitted is less likely to be viewed as a potential point of entry by burglars. This is because they can not “fish” the lock so easily. “Fishing” is a technique used by burglars who fashion a piece of wire to release a mechanism that allows the garage door to open. A garage door that is resistant to rust and rot is harder to penetrate to gain entry. Garage doors should always be locked when not in use. This is particularly crucial if the garage is attached to the house and contains access to an entry door.

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