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    Garage doors may seem like a straightforward purchase. However, with so many options currently available, you now have increased autonomy when choosing this feature for your property. There really is no excuse not to purchase a garage door that accommodates your long-term needs.

    Up and Over Garage Doors
    Up and over garage doors are one of the most popular choices. This is because they offer superior functionality and flexibility at great value. Up and over garage doors are available in a canopy or retractable version. A canopy up and over garage door is the most basic option on offer and is considered the traditional garage door. This door forms a canopy when open, because the garage door protrudes approximately 2 feet from the door frame. A retractable up and over garage door does not protrude to create a canopy. However, the retractable version is easier to automate than the canopy garage door. Both garage doors are available in a wide range of styles and glazing options. Up and over garage doors are also made from high quality materials which will withstand frequent use. They have excellent security credentials which are crucial for many home-owners and tenants who rely on their garages to safeguard valuable or sentimental belongings. The simple design of up and over garage doors ensure that they are easy to maintain with minimal ongoing costs. This guarantees that the up and over door is a great option for those on a budget.

    Roller Garage Doors
    Newer properties are particularly prone to a lack of space which can sometimes result in inconvenience, such as having to move the car from the drive in order to open the garage door. The roller garage door is an ideal option for home-owners with a short drive. This is because the roller garage door has no outward swing: using the smallest amount of space possible. Roller garage doors are also a great choice for people who want to utilise their garage for something other than its traditional use. Home gyms, artist studios, home offices and extra bedrooms are just some of the functions that garages are fulfilling. A roller garage door uses minimal space ensuring that there is room for plentiful storage. This is unlike most garage doors which occupy valuable roof or wall space. A roller garage door may be the best option if your garage has unique features such as a slanted roof or access hatch. Roller garage doors are well insulated and available in a range of glazed options, so you can adapt your door specifically to suit your purpose. Roller garage doors can also be easily automated for increased convenience. They have a robust design and do not have an internal tracking system which guarantees that they are unlikely to become faulty. Their ease of use means that they are a very reliable and affordable option.

    Sectional Garage Doors
    Sectional garage doors are incredibly stylish and admired by many. The horizontal hinged sections slide vertically into the interior roof of your garage. Sectional garage doors have a charming design which adds character to your property. However, the aesthetic of these garage doors is not the only aspect for which they are popular. They are very robust which ensures that your garage is extra secure when housing expensive or sentimental items. They are also able to retain warmth and provide protection against challenging weather conditions which safeguards any possessions stored within. Sectional garage doors are long-lasting because of their superior quality and finish. They are easily automated and are suitable for shorter drives due to opening vertically. Sectional garage doors are available in many styles, with a choice of glazing options and extra insulation if required.

    Side Hinged Garage Doors
    Side hinged garage doors provide ease of use and are robust and reliable. These doors open like a traditional door and therefore function very discreetly and quietly. This is helpful if your garage is in close proximity to other houses, or if you work irregular shifts and want to secure your vehicle in the garage during the early hours of the morning without waking the neighbours. Side hinged doors are autonomous because they can be installed with either a central or off centre split as well as a split positioned on either side. There are also automated options available and extra insulation if needed. Side hinged garage doors are user-friendly: providing increased accessibility to those with restricted mobility because there is no lifting required to gain entry unlike typical garage doors. Side hinged garage doors are built with hard-wearing materials and are low maintenance which ensures that they are extremely cost effective. They are also popular because they can be installed regardless of the height of the garage of if there is internal shelving inside that prevents the roof or wall space that a traditional garage door would require to function.

    Automated Garage Doors
    Automated garage doors were once considered a luxurious option but are growing increasingly popular. They are enviable when you are trying to gain access to a traditional garage in turbulent weather and are getting soaked by the rain. Automated doors allow the door to open smoothly and swiftly by simply pushing a button. There is no need to exit your car to unlock the garage, safeguarded it from potential theft: you can simply use your fob and watch the garage door open as you slowly drive towards it. Automated garage doors are also very safe because they are fitted with an automatic three-minute courtesy light sensor as well as an obstruction sensor. This safeguards young children and animals from danger, as well as protecting the actual garage door from becoming damaged by displaced or forgotten objects. Automated garage doors are silent and an ideal option for those who work night-shifts or do not want to disturb the neighbours. Automatic garage doors are very easy to maintain and require no lubrication. They offer very secure protection to valuables and belongings that are stored in your garage.

    Wooden Garage Doors
    Wooden garage doors are elegant and provide a highly attractive focal point to your property. These secure garage doors are very popular because of their luxurious finish and high-quality materials. Wooden garage doors are long-lasting because they are made from real wood and protected with a base-coat preservative which requires minimal upkeep. Wooden garage doors are available in many types of wood and finishes which ensure that they are suitable for all styles of home. Wooden garage doors can be purchased in a choice of glazes as well as in manual or automated styles.

    There are many types of garage door to choose from which ensures that you can find something that you will love here at Garage Doors Sunderland.

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