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    Replacing garage doors in Sunderland is not often a cost that we factor into our outgoings. There are many effective companies who conduct garage door repairs in Sunderland. However, occasionally, we have no option but to replace our garage door when it is old and faulty. It may be tempting to replace our door with the same type as our previous one. However, there are many options available to us. It is crucial to assess other garage door types and choose one that will suit us moving forward. Below are a series of questions which might help to aid your decision.


    Do you have a small driveway?
    It is a common feature of modern housing to have a small driveway. This sometimes means that we have to remove our vehicle from the driveway in order to make room to open up the garage door. This is an inconvenience that can be prevented with the right choice. Roller garage doors are very compact when opening and closing. It does not require a space with which to swing open and shut because it simply rolls up and down in a confined space. This is an excellent choice for a smaller driveway and should be seriously considered in that circumstance.

    c051a709006cb557_3244-w500-h400-b0-p0--modern-exteriorIs your garage an unusual shape?
    Some garages might not be a conventional shape and therefore require a particular garage door to fit them. This might be the case if your garage has a slanted roof or access hatch. A wooden garage door can be custom-made to fit any space. This is also the case with a side-hinged garage door which can be adapted to fit. Roller garage doors are often chosen in these circumstances because they use minimal space and do not require valuable roof or wall space which might be lacking if your garage roof is sloped.

    Do you use your garage for another purpose?
    Garages are not always used to store vehicles. Perhaps you can use yours as an artist studio, home office, home gym or even an extra bedroom. A side-hinged garage door might be a good choice if you want to normalise the space and remove features which allude to its traditional use. However, a roller garage door might be the best option because of the minimal space it requires. You can make the most of your roof and wall space because a roller garage door does not need it to function. Therefore, you have extra space for furniture and storage.

    Personal circumstances

    546f35a8ee4a4Do you have restricted mobility?
    You may have to consider which garage door you can use while taking your personal challenges into account. Perhaps you have restricted height or limited mobility which mean that not all garage doors would be accessible. A side-hinged garage door can be opened and closed at a lower height. However, an automatic garage door allows you to manipulate the mechanism without even leaving your vehicle. This is also helpful when it is raining and the floor is slippery and a potential health hazard. An automatic garage door will provide ease of use now and for years to come.

    Is your choice of garage door safe for a family home?
    Most garage doors are safe when used carefully with the awareness that children might be nearby. However automatic garage doors provide an extra layer of protection. This is because they include an obstruction sensor which prevents the door from closing if it senses someone that is too near. This is helpful because sometimes we might not notice something that the sensor would pick up. It allows us to double-check our surroundings and account for any children nearby before closing the garage door.


    Do you want a door that is highly personalised?
    Most garage doors can be customised to a certain extent. However, a wooden garage door is highly customisable because its whole design can be created from scratch. It can be engraved with specific imagery and words. It can also be primed and painted with the exact colours that you desire.

    Do want your garage door to become a feature of your house?
    A sectional garage door is an intricate feature, that is functional yet beautiful. The horizontal hinged sections will slide vertically into the interior of the garage roof. The complexity of this structure allows a sectional garage door to contribute to the attractiveness of your property.

    There are many options when planning to replace garage doors in Sunderland. It is crucial to consider all the types available and choose one carefully that will suit your personal requirements as well as complimenting your property.

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