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    Your garage door has been installed for some time now. It gets regular use from all the family, and has started to make an awful noise. All the repeated use means that it’s starting to show signs of wear and makes an awful noise whenever you open or close it.
    Although no door will always run smoothly, it is important to make sure it won’t break down completely.

    The maintenance of your garage door means that you are protecting the safety and security of your home. As the garage door is a large moving part it is important to make sure that everything is working correctly. A malfunctioning door could damage your vehicle, while also proving as a safety concern for pets and children.

    The security of your home is tied in with your garage, as well as your vehicles. It is also the largest entry point to your home, so needs to be treated with care. It is essential to keep it maintained to protect your home and family. A solid, well maintained garage door is vital to the value, security and safety of your home.

    Like any machine with gears, there could be a number of things that cause noise. Friction is the most common cause, no matter what model door you have installed. Bolts may start to loosen and parts may have lost their lubrication. Other parts may need replacing altogether including the garage door opener and hinges. If the garage door is old, or has sustained damage, it is important to make sure these issues are tended to quickly before they end up as safety concerns.

    If you apply lubricant to the moving parts then that could fix the issue. You can purchase a suitable lubricant from your local hardware store. It isn’t advised to use WD40, as it will attract and trap excess dirt and potentially drip onto your car. Tighten some of the nuts and bolts that need it as well.

    Working on your garage door is a sensitive undertaking. There are many, many components that operate the door. Even if you are a die-hard DIY enthusiast, it is best to assess whether or not you will need a professional to assist you. There is a chance that removing the wrong part could cause the door to fall on you. Springs may look easy enough to fix alone, but should always be handled by professionals. Make sure to exercise caution. If in doubt, call a professional.

    For all garage door repairs, here are a few tips to keeping you door in shape:

    1. Checking Springs
    It is a simple enough job to check on the garage doors springs a few times a year. Make sure nothing appears to be broken or rusting. If anything looks out of place then make sure to act as soon as possible.

    2. Sensors
    Testing the sensors is a fairly easy task. Locate where the sensors are on the front of the door and block one of the sensors with an object. The door won’t close with something in the way, so press the close button and observes what happens. If it hits the obstruction and reverses, then your sensors are in working order. If not, call a professional right away.

    3. Rollers and hinges
    Roller garage doors will require lubrication of the rollers often. White lithium grease spray will do the trick. It keeps the rollers and hinges running smoothly and quietly.

    If you are in any doubt about garage door repair, call a professional.

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