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    When it comes to roller garage doors Sunderland has the pick of the crop. At Garage Doors in Sunderland we provide an extensive range including automated garage doors, side-hinged doors and, of course, roller garage doors. But what makes roller garage doors one of the best choices for your home? Take a look as we explore the reasons why…

    Space savers
    Roller garage doors are space savers if you have a short driveway or small garage. They are one the most effective options if you’re looking to transform your garage into a living space such as a games room or another bedroom (popular with teenagers in the house!).

    Another amazing aspect of roller garage doors is they can be fitted to almost any style of garage. This includes in front of the aperture, inside or in between. The lack of internal tracking means the door operates in a smart and compact fashion. With regards to style, roller garage doors are available in various shades of woodgrain and a rainbow of laminated foil overlays.

    Constructed from foam-filled aluminium or steel slats, roller garage doors are well-known for being sturdy. This is an obvious advantage as garage doors are exposed to the elements and all sorts of wear and tear. The door itself features a single skin curtain with a big ribbed metal sheet so it essentially rolls up like a blind – but a very strong one, of course!

    Choice of mechanisms
    Roller garage doors are either operated by an electric motor or a spring-assisted manual mechanism. They’re easy to customise, so it suits both the contemporary and the traditional look. Again, roller garage doors are compact because the tube motor is fitted inside the roller barrel, so nothing gets in the way.

    High security
    Last but definitely not least, roller garage doors are highly secure – especially the double-skinned versions. It’s highly resistant against impact from forced entries, thanks to the streamlined, strong design. On the other side of this, roller garage doors are perfect in an emergency. For example, if you’re locked in the garage in a power cut then you can use the manual winding mechanism to get out. This works from the inside only, so it’s extra secure.

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