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    We stock some of the highest quality roller garage doors Sunderland has ever seen! But it’s important that you keep on top of maintenance for your garage doors as they’re designed to last for years and years. That’s why we’re letting you know our tops tips on how to look after your roller garage doors.

    Keep your eyes and ears open
    Every time you use your garage door make sure you listen out for any creaks, squeaks or other discerning sounds. It’s also a good idea to look out for any issues – especially wear and tear on the system such as cables, springs and pulleys. Ask yourself is the door hard to open? Or is does it open in a fluid motion? Telltale signs like this will help you fix the problem earlier on. A few roller garage door warning signs include:

    • Jerks when opened or closed
    • Gaps between the ground and the door when closed
    • Gets stuck
    • Doesn’t open
    • Doesn’t close
    • Open or closes too slowly

    Replace the rollers
    The rollers on a roller garage door need to be checked a couple of times a year, but you only need to replace them every six or seven years. This does depend on how much you use your garage door. If any of them are damaged in any way then it’s time to replace them. Keep this up and your garage door will always stay in great shape.

    Weather Seals
    Installing weather seals on the bottom of your garage door, around the door frame and between the panels can be a very effective and easy way of maintaining your roller garage door. Not only will they keep the elements out, they help reduce your household bill too. If you don’t know how to fit them then we can always do it for you! Check out our previous work here.

    Check the motor
    If you have an automated roller door then you’ll need to check the motor. Sometimes you may need to just lubricate the tracks with silicon-based sprays. Avoid using oil as it can cause a build-up of dust and grease, making it tougher to open your garage door. You should also perform a few safety checks such as ensuring the motor actually works, nothing is loose and there aren’t any broken cables or dents in the mechanics. You might even need to reset the garage door opener. If you haven’t done this already, simply unplugging the opener, waiting ten seconds and turning it back on – just like a computer!

    Take care of the door itself
    Maintaining the actual door panels or rollers themselves is just as vital as maintaining the mechanical aspects of the door. This especially matters if it’s made of solid wood, as you’ll need to look out for water damage, wood rot, mould and chipped paint. On metal doors it’s essential to keep an eye on any rust spots that may appear – but you can easily sand them down and repaint them. Luckily, our roller garage doors are made of hard-wearing easy to maintain materials so they need little maintenance.

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