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    Garage doors have come a long way over recent years and when looking for a new one you will likely find yourself overwhelmed by the enormous choice available to you. Your garage door is one of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior, as it will be one of the first things you and your visitors see upon arrival at your property; a showcase of your personality.

    When purchasing a new garage door it’s essential to evaluate the space that you have available and choose the best option that fits your space, taste, budget and lifestyle.

    Garage Doors Sunderland hosts a huge range of designs and colours to choose from, helping you to find the perfect door.

    Figuring out the right style of door for your space can be tricky and it’s so important to get the right design for your space. We have listed our four most popular styles to help you to make an informed decision on which is the best door for your property.

    Up & Over

    Up & Over designs are one of our most popular and come in two different styles – the canopy and the retractable. Both designs work for different spaces. Protruding approximately 2 feet from the door frame when open, the Canopy is what people consider as the “traditional” garage door, whereas the Retractable is the slicker version and does not protrude as much to form a canopy.


    It’s not uncommon for properties to have short driveways, especially the newer homes, which could prove problematic if you have a second car that you’d like to park on the driveway. The last thing you want is to repeatedly ask your partner to move their car every time you want to access the garage. This could prove a problem for some homeowners, however roller doors are the perfect solution. Their slimline design means there is no outward swing at all so you can easily access your garage regardless of the space in front of the door.


    Sectional doors are one of our customer’s favourites. Like the roller design, they eliminate the problems that you could face with short driveways and as they are designed with horizontal hinged sections that slide vertically into the roof of the garage interior, providing another stylish option for slime spaces.

    Side Hinged

    Side Hinged doors are the perfect solution for properties that may not accommodate traditional garage doors. If your garage is short on headroom or has built-in shelving, it may be a struggle to find a style that can work but a Side Hinged door is the perfect design for you. It’s fitted with a central or off centre split with split positioned on either side so it opens just like a barn door. They are a brilliant option if you are concerned about making noise as they are basically silent so if you are a night owl these may be preferable.

    Whichever door suits your needs and space, we are proud to offer a wide range of garage doors that are all innovatively and bespokely designed and fitted by experts with a 10 year guarantee; providing you with a solution with a promise.

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